Hula Hoop Game

The Hula Hoop Games is a game that gets those little ones moving and thinking. All you need is three to four different color hula hoops and an open space. Set the hula hoops up at varying distances apart from one another. Once the course is set give the children or child instructions on where to go. For example run to the red hula hoop and jump in and out of it 3 times or run past the purple hula hoop to the green hula hoop and jump over it. And of course don’t forget to enjoy learning how to hula hoop together!

Fun games to play with preschoolers

I found that as the explorers are getting bigger they are getting more and more into playing games. Here is a short list of some of our favorites.

Hula Hoop Game
Egg Race
Sidewalk chalk drawing Simon Says
Jump the Brook
Counting ball
Mother May I?
Red light, green light
Crab soccer
Head, shoulders, knees and toes
Go touch
Four square
Wall ball
Angry Bird balloons
Outdoor scrabble
Glow in the dark bowling
Slap Jack
Cloud shape game
Follow the leader
Flash light tag
Hide n seek
The rhyming game

Spaghetti Painting

2013-06-25 16.27.37


All of my explorers love to paint! Not only do the explorers love to paint they love to paint with new things and on new surfaces so I have set out to find a new ways to paint. One our most recent finds was spaghetti painting. Together we boiled up some spaghetti noodles then we placed the noodles (still warm) into recycled cottage cheese bowls that were filled with various colors of finger paints. We went ahead and did the “shake dance” and mixed up our noodles and paint. Once the noodles were cooled we placed handfuls of noodles on to pieces of large white paper that and went to town spreading around the paint filled noodles. The painted noodles created a fantastic sensory experience for the explorers and we had a blast!

Paper Plate Frog Masks

Looking for a simple, minimal prep craft? I certainly was the other day! That’s when I came up with the frog mask. I created a quick eye template gave each explorer a set to cut out then we cut paper plates in half and had each explorer color their plate green. After that we glued on their eyes and added a long curly tongue and just like that we had a bunch of hopping frogs! So simple yet so much fun!

Glitter Play Dough

I recently found out about the play dough pledge( and thought what better way to spend a week then playing with play dough! And while the actual play dough pledge event is well over and done with the explorers and I decided we’d still love to play with and make play dough all week and so we did. We ended up making peanut butter play dough which was ediable, chocolate play dough, coffee play dough, sand play dough, and glitter play dough. Can you guess which one they loved the most? Of course, glitter play dough! And to be honest it was the most fun to make. We used the recipe from and while ours was not as awesome looking as theirs it was lots of fun!


2013-06-08 15.20.20

While our play dough was cooking!



2013-06-08 15.25.24

The explorers thought it look like ice cream while it was cooling.


2013-06-08 15.33.56

When it was all said and done we ended up with a very smooth, glittery dough!


Microwaving Ivory Soap?

I have been seeing this idea all over Pinterest and could not wait to see what really happened and oh my goodness it was so much fun! Honestly I think the husband and I had more fun then the explorers but non the less it was a big hit.

All you need is a bar of Ivory brand soap, a microwave, and a paper towel or microwave safe dish.

You place the soap on your dish or paper towel then place it in the microwave for 2 minutes.

2013-05-27 12.53.34

2013-05-27 12.53.44

2013-05-27 12.56.11

(Turns out we have a small microwave and it exploded all over it but it worked out well because we now have a sparkly microwave :) )

Let it cool and then let the little ones have at it!

2013-05-27 12.59.20

It turns out the more you squish it the more shape able it becomes and in the end basically turns in soap flakes. I’m thinking we will mix our soap flakes in a tub of water soon to see what other fun goo we can come up with.

Here is the link to the blog I originally found this idea on: She has some amazing ideas and you should definitely check it out!

Icy Dough

Frozen shaving cream? I think so!
I do not quite understand what it is about shaving cream but all of the kids love to play with it and what a better way to beat the summer heat then to play with anything frozen. So we decided to mix the two! We used a cheap can of foaming shaving cream and two packets of grape kool-aid for color and smell. We combined it all together in a large bowl and then put it in the freezer for about an hour and out came this amazing mix. The kids named it icy dough and decided that not only is it very fun to play with it makes an awesome body paint.

Freezy Dough

Icy  Dough

Freezy Dough

Icy Dough

“Run to the shape” game

The explorers and I have been working on shapes recently and rather then sit down with the same flashcards again I thought it would be fun to play a game with our shapes. My first thought was our go to “smack the …” game where I tape various words, colors, or feelings to the wall and have the kids “smack” them with a fly swatter as I call them out but it seemed like a more active sort of day. One quick peek at Pinterest and I found the “Run to the shape” game which could be played either inside or outside. Wanting to take advantage of the 80′s while we still have them I pulled out the side walk chalk and went to work drawing multiple shapes on the driveway. I ended up with a circle, square, diamond, rectangle, star, pentagon, and octagon. The kids really enjoyed the game! We started off as a group running to the shapes as I called them so that everyone got the hang of which shape was which and what we were doing and then we made it a bit harder by having just one explorer at a time run to the shape I called out.

This game will definitely be added to the “go to” list for when we need a game in a hurry. I plan on moving it indoors as the weather gets hotter by using masking tape on the floor. What variations should I add to the game to keep it new and fresh?

Moon Sand

2013-05-07 16.10.34

2013-05-07 17.27.24

Moon Sand is amazing! However, with the tiny containers and not so tiny price it was never really an option for the daycare kids and well since we pretty much always have at least one extra one running around it was no longer really an option for the girls. But they love love love it! You can only imagine how excited I was when I found a recipe on Pinterst for homemade moon sand. Well we gave it a go and the results were great. The pin called for 4 cups of flour and 1 cup of baby oil but I only had wheat flour and 1/2 a cup of baby oil. I went a head and mixed it up and to my surprise it came out very much like moon sand just not as mold-able. I am assuming that if I had added the correct amount of baby oil it would have been perfect. Either way the kids loved it! The wheat flour gave it a nice sandy color so we poured it into a tote and added some toy monster trucks and had a blast for well over an hour. When they started getting bored with it I went ahead and mixed in our left over dirt dough (which surprisingly was still in great condition) and some steal cut oats that were getting a little old and that really upped the fun factor by adding a bit more texture and color. And the parents that happen to see our little experiment were highly impressed which really just adds to the fun.

Overall, this is definitely a keeper!